The Engagement

Let’s just start the story with the fact that Robby is sneaky and did a GREAT job with planning!
    It was December 9th, 2011 in Dallas.   Robby was supposed to be in Hong Kong on a business trip for a week.  Since Robby wasn’t around, Alison was going to go see ice sculptures with her best friend, Jennifer, at the Gaylord Texan in Grapevine on a Friday night and then go home to Mt. Pleasant after that to visit family.  Jennifer was very bent on getting to the ice sculptures on time (which is not typical of her) and Alison just went along with it.  That Friday had been a long day at work and she was looking forward to a relaxing weekend of not making decisions.   Jennifer got out of the car and suggested taking pictures of the Christmas lights in front of the hotel before going inside to see the sculptures.   Alison, once again, went along with it and enjoyed a walk through the lights outside.
   As Jennifer and Alison walked up to an area of lights overlooking fountains, Alison heard music playing.  It was the song that she and Robby had determined was theirs:  God Gave Me You, by Dave Barnes.   And yet….she thought nothing of it.  She said, “Awwwe…” and kept looking at lights.
    As Alison was looking up into the night sky at the twinkling Christmas lights, Robby walked up and surprised her.   (He had been hiding in bushes with his best friend Kyle and Kyle’s girlfriend, waiting for the moment.)   Alison was shocked because she really believed Robby was in Hong Kong when they had spoken earlier that day!  AND THEN she realized he had shaved his beard off that had adorned his face for months before.  She just couldn’t believe he was really there.
   Robby began to tell Alison how much he loved her and what she meant to him, and then knelt down on one knee and popped the questions.   She was speechless and could only nod her head ‘yes’!    Their friends were there to congratulate them and take pictures.   After a few phone calls to family, Robby and Alison went to see the ice sculptures together and started dreaming of their life together.
    After the ice sculptures, Robby had a few more surprises up his sleeve.  He had gathered their friends and family together at a friends house for a surprise engagement party!  Alison’s brother and sister-in-law were there and Robby’s brother, Danny, came into town.  When Alison’s best girlfriends all walked in the door, she started giggling and crying and hugging all of them.  Robby made sure that they could all be together for such a special night!
     It was a PERFECT engagement! 


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